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Scratch Sandwich Deal

The Chicken Sandwich Deal comes with chicken tenders, iceberg lettuce, mayo and choice of signature Scratch Asian sauce on a toasty brioche bun, with your choice of side and a drink.

Seasoned Scratch Chips

Add some Scratch seasoned chips to every order! Choose between, plain salted, shichimi salted or seaweed salted.

Strippers & Chicken Boxes

Scratch Strippers and Chicken Boxes are just that! Boxes of hot and crispy, freshly fried boneless chicken. Served with your choices of signature Asian sauce and pickled radish.

Signature Asian Sauces

Scratch fried chicken is served with your choice of sauce, like the aromatic and gluten free Ginger Spring Onion or our take on a classic sweet and sticky Honey Soy. Fancy something a little spicy? Try Korean XXX or our signature hot and zingy Scratch Vinaigrette.

The Scratch Bucket

The Scratch Bucket is filled with crispy fried boneless chicken tenders and thighs with your choice of two sauces, two sides and two drinks.

Scratch Wrapped

Get Wrapped for dinner! A 12″ wrap, iceberg lettuce, mayo and chicken tenders served with your choice of sauce.

Asian Slaw

Scratch Asian slaw is a crunchy and zesty side dish bursting with flavours, chinese leaf, carrot, radish, red chiili, scallion and Scratch Vinaigrette.

Rice Scratch Box

The Rice Scratch Box is a mix of chicken tenders and boneless thigh with steamed rice, veggies and pickled radish.

Korean XXX

The fiercest of them all Korean XXX is a spicy gochujang BBQ sauce balanced with sweetness and the perfect choice if you’re feeling brave.

Scratch Sandwich

Scratch Chicken Sandwiches come seasoned with a toasty brioche bun, iceberg lettuce, mayo and chicken tenders. They are also served topped with your choice of Scratch dressing.